Reach out... live your dreams... and DANCE

Carla’s approach to ballet

As tutor, the approach I use with my pupils is to adapt the classical form to suit those of us with hip replacements, knee problems, vertebral fusions and a huge range of ailments even just stiffening of the joints. In other words issues with balance or posture, aches and pains or even low mood and self confidence. This particular and gradual approach to Ballet is proving to be very uplifting for many participants.

The benefits of practicing ballet in this way are far reaching. It is not only physically that you become stronger and more flexible, but you become much more aware of your movement and postural habits.

Many have found that their self confidence returns and their sense of feeling ‘good’ or, as our French friends say, ‘joie de vivre’ increases.

Carla Steenkamp Sheills

Carla teaching a class in the Bull Hotel

‘The best thing I have done for myself in years and years and years…
I feel as if I have taken a bottle of antidepressants!’
Winsham Participant


The classes I offer you give additional benefits to physical and mental awareness, and the opportunity to learn self-correction even in the smallest of movements. You also tone up muscles through stretching and feel the joy of dance to stunning music without being confronted with too many complex steps. You are learning proper classical Ballet technique which can help you move naturally with additional grace, even in the High Street!

’With groups of dancers I often aim to include being mindful about how we move in and out of class as well as increasing a sense of real connectedness to each other. I offer movements for at home, in a queue, at work, in every day life.

Of course there are many different styles of Ballet and different approaches… I cannot vouch for all instructors! We all have different life attitudes. I hope to teach and induce a sense of centeredness in the self and a feeling of natural calm and bliss after a class. Some even experience elation. Classes are inclusive. We are proud of our movement. Pride without prejudice!

Most women would like to hear that ballet makes you thinner and Yes it may do, but I choose in this programme to steer clear of the general expectations and tremendous pressure of what women are supposed to be. This is not a ‘work out’ or a gym routine, though we do have ballet bars and we do our traditional Ballet exercises. It is about health and well being – the rest will follow…

It is also about the art of considered movement to music…

The starting point here is to love yourself just the way you are, accept yourself and then see what happens! Each individual who walks into class is accepted as they are. It is a judgement free zone.

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